19Nov 2014
Meditation: The Heart Of Serenity

Meditation is the activity or practice in which an individual focuses and trains their mind to achieve a condition of relaxation, which leads to a positive change in their behavior and attitude. Meditation- A Popular Practice The art of meditation has been practiced for centuries by followers of different religions, as an activity to focus […]

19Nov 2014
Sultry Air and Fine Sands: Balm for the Soul

In today’s busy world, we hardly get time to look after ourselves. We tend to spend more time working and in the process have forgotten the importance of taking care of ourselves. A peaceful mind and soul is essential for your body to function properly. Fresh and clean air plays a vital role in clearing […]

19Nov 2014
The Myths and Holy Grail about Alcohol

Excessive drinking is never a good idea as it is very unhealthy for your mental and physical wellbeing. However, consuming alcohol moderately can provide substantial benefits to your health. Moderate alcohol consumption every day has been defined as up to 2 drinks for men and a single drink for women. Before we dig deeper into […]

19Nov 2014
Weight Matters: It’s all about the Diet

There was a time when food was simple. People used to eat what grew in their own or nearby farms. Processed food meant cured, frozen or canned. In today’s world, our food has become complicated. On one hand, we enjoy fresh and natural food; while on the other hand, we also consume chemically processed food. […]

21Nov 2014
4 Disadvantages to Chronic Caffeine Consumption

For many of us, caffeine is a wonder drug that helps us get out of bed in the morning. If your first inclination when you step out of bed is to make yourself a cup of coffee, then you’re certainly not alone. Caffeine has the unique ability to mitigate drowsiness and increase alertness. Who wouldn’t […]