Meditation: The Heart Of SerenityMeditation is the activity or practice in which an individual focuses and trains their mind to achieve a condition of relaxation, which leads to a positive change in their behavior and attitude.

Meditation- A Popular Practice

The art of meditation has been practiced for centuries by followers of different religions, as an activity to focus their thoughts and consciousness on their surroundings and learn about life and their ultimate purpose in life.

In Buddhism, meditation is recognized as a means for monks to concentrate and achieve a state of consciousness which leads to greater focus and attention towards their surroundings, enabling them to think and meditate about the purpose of their existence.

This centuries old practice is still observed and performed today by multitudes of individuals the world over, on account of the numerous benefits and health advantages that the practice has to offer. In many countries of the world, mediation has been recognized as a very effective method to infuse positive behavioral and attitude changes in individuals, reducing aggressiveness and prompting a constructive mindset.

Different Kinds Of Meditation

There are many types of meditation practices observed by health conscious individuals, depending upon their need and preferred style of relaxation.

Mindfulness Meditation

The mindfulness meditation entails freeing the mind from all chaotic and stressing thoughts and focusing on trying to achieve a state of relaxation, by focusing on the present moment.

Mantra Meditation

The mantra meditation involves the repetition of a word or sentence which has a positive significance for the individual, on a string of mala beads. The words are repeated silently to infuse a positive aura and relaxed environment in the surrounding of a meditating individual.

Movement Meditation

In movement meditation, the body is moved in mindful, relaxing and swaying patterns, in order to achieve a condition of relaxation, free of anxiety and stress.

High Tech Meditation

Different sound technology and high tech methods provide a sonic technology to offer precision meditation during the relaxing practice.

Zen Method

The Zen method involves the focusing of the mind on the surroundings, and trying to eliminate and remove all negative thoughts and ego through different exercise positions and breathing exercise rituals.

A Source Of Serenity

Meditation is sought by a number of people as a recognized and effective means of acquiring peace of mind and a sense of serenity. The practice has centuries of devoted observance by dedicated disciples of different religions, as clear evidence of the efficiency and positive impact of meditation in support.

The different types and methods of meditation are adopted by individuals as a regular practice and incorporated into their daily lifestyles to ensure a feeling of serenity and relaxation in their demanding and stressful lifestyles. By focusing on their surrounding and removing all negative thoughts from their mind, individuals are able to achieve a state of consciousness which offers relaxation and serenity.

By concentrating on the environment and removing all egotistical ideas from their minds, people tend to adopt a positive and compassionate attitude, which is conducive to achieving a sense of serenity, free of anger, frustration, depression and anxiety.

Many educational institutions have included meditation classes to ensure modification of attitude and behaviors of the student youth, which has provided with reduced aggression levels and improved amount of observed tolerance while on campus. These practices have served to further establish the practice as an effective solution to acquire serenity and happiness in life.

Benefits Of Meditation

The practice of observing meditation on a daily basis offers a number of scientific and medical benefits, which have prompted the ever-growing acceptance and practice of meditation on a large level.

Improves Mental And Physical Health

Meditation exercises have been proved to boost the functions of the immune system and decrease the pain and inflammations in the body. The practice serves to prompt positive emotions and increases life satisfaction in an individual.

Ensures Increased Focus

The practice ensures increased concentration and focusing skills, which serves to improve the attention spans and memory of an individual. Improved focus also has a positive impact on the creative thinking and productivity of an individual.

Ascertains Brain Development

Meditation has been proved to increase the cortical thickness of the brain along with the hippocampus and frontal areas, which are responsible for the attention, memory and thought process of an individual.

Enhances Cardiovascular Fitness

Heart health is improved by observing meditation, as the release of stress and anxiety saves the heat from any detrimental effects. The exercises also serve to keep the individual physically fit, which is essential for good cardiovascular health.

Means Of Decrease In Depression

Meditation has been known to be the ideal method of combating the blue mood of an individual.  The breathing exercises and concentration practices serve to reduce the anxiety and stress levels of a person.

Ensures Emotional Wellbeing

Through meditation, individuals acquire emotional balance, compassion and understanding, which ensure an improved and healthy emotional wellbeing of a person.

Ascertains Changes In Moods And Behaviors

Meditation has been approved as an effective method for reducing stress, anger, frustration and aggression. The practice has served to alter the attitudes and behaviors of individuals, serving as a positive solution to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Easy Meditation Tips To Achieve Serenity


Prep Method

A simple exercise is to choose a relaxing spot with no distractions, and to either sit or lay down in a comfortable position. After uncrossing both the arms and legs, the hands are rested either on the legs or on the sides.

The eyes are closed or centered on an object for focus and deep regular breathing is done to remove all negative and stressful thoughts.

Breathing Exercise

After getting prepped up, a simple breathing exercise is adopted which involves the inhaling and exhaling of air 10 times, by keeping a strict count. The breathing exercises serve to reduce the stress levels and facilitate in the relaxation process.

Value Your Health And Peace Of Mind

The highly challenging and current stressing lifestyles, have made it necessary for individuals to adopt a simple and effective daily routine which serves to help maintain their mental and physical wellbeing, and meditation is a practice ideally suited to meet these needs.

If one wants to enjoy good health and a relaxed and peaceful mind, then meditation is the key to achieve serenity.

As Confucius very rightly said,

“The more man meditates upon good thoughts; the better will be his world and the world at large.”

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