The Down Low on Oxygen Water

The Down Low on Oxygen WaterWater is one of the most common and familiar chemical compounds known to man. We know it as a life force that helps hydrate us and keep us alive. We also know that water is made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen (i.e. H2O). Because of that, the term “oxygen water” (or oxygenated water) might seem redundant. After all, water already has oxygen in it.

What Exactly Is Oxygen Water?

Oxygen water is essentially water that has been exposed to a greater deal of atmospheric pressure. It can also be defined as water that has had oxygen air diffused through it. This effectively leads to water that has higher amounts of dissolved oxygen in it. Bottled water and tap water are not considered oxygenated because they do not contain high concentrations of dissolved oxygen.

What Are the Benefits of Oxygen Water?

Oxygen is an element that is necessary for human survival. Adding more oxygen to your water is thought to help you improve energy and thrive. There is a whole host of positive effects associated with oxygen water that many people may not realize. One benefit of oxygenated water is its ability to boost you immune system. The added oxygen from the water enters your bloodstream and can boost your overall health and keep you from getting sick in the future.

Other indications of oxygenated water are even more profound. Some believe that the oxygen-rich water can provide protection from harmful diseases like cancer and various viral and bacterial infections. This is, again, because the added oxygen provides boosted immune response to keep infections, diseases, and illnesses at bay.

Who Uses Oxygen Water?

Interestingly enough, oxygen water is actually of great benefit to fish and amphibians that don’t get enough oxygen from the standard water supply. But, we’re talking about fish. There are many humans who make use of the added oxygen in the water as well. Oxygen water manufacturers suggest that their product is ideal for fitness-minded individuals. The added oxygen in the water is said to improve energy, increase focus, and generally provide a more well-rounded workout session. Oxygen water is also said to help with the elimination of fatty tissues, meaning that it can expedite weight loss.

Are There Risks?

Oxygenated water does not go through the same filtration process as standard bottled water or even tap water. This means that it’s important to pay attention to the expiration date on the bottle. If you drink oxygen water after the expiration date, then you may be opening yourself up to bacteria and foodborne illnesses. Otherwise, oxygenated water is fairly safe to drink.

Many scientists have suggested that oxygenated water does not actually produce the health benefits that manufacturers claim. Even so, many fitness experts have experienced notable benefits as a result of oxygenated water. Whether you’re using it to work out or you just want a boost for your immune system, oxygen water may be worth a try.