Understanding Oxygen Therapy and How to Use It

Understanding Oxygen Therapy and How to Use ItExercise is one of the best and most common ways to lose weight. Your fitness regimen is a valuable component to your overall health and wellbeing, and we all want to make the most out of our exercise routines. For some of us, engaging in the right habits may still only yield minimal results. That is to say, you may be working out daily and eating healthy foods but not experiencing the kind of success you desire. Many people are turning to oxygen therapy to enhance their exercise regimen and meet their fitness goals.

Defining Oxygen Therapy

But, what exactly is oxygen therapy? We all know that oxygen is one of the most important elements for our survival. Even the air we breathe is partially composed of oxygen. That being said, the oxygen in the air isn’t 100% pure. It’s diluted by other elements and chemical compounds.

The idea behind oxygen therapy is that if you can maximize the amount of oxygen you take in while working out, you will be able to see maximum results. Oxygen is known to increase energy, boost your immune system, and generally make your more focused and attentive. By supplementing your body with pure oxygen, you can theoretically operate at a higher level during your workouts. Your body will work harder to build muscle and burn fat so that you can achieve your fitness goals.

How to Use Oxygen Therapy

There are many different ways to supplement the level of oxygen in your body. You can use tanks full of oxygen and then strap a mask to your mouth. At that point, of course, you will be breathing pure oxygen. You can also be intravenously injected with pure oxygen to so that it goes directly into your bloodstream and starts working right away. Oxygenated water can also help provide additional oxygen that your body can use.

Of course, just adding more oxygen to your body isn’t going to make a huge difference. You still have to engage in exercise and eat a healthy diet for the added oxygen to have a positive effect.

What Can Oxygen Therapy Do?

Again, the added oxygen in your body will give you more stamina to complete your fitness routine. The added stamina means that you’ll be able to work out harder and longer, adding more muscle and burning more fat in the process.

Oxygen can also help burn fat at the chemical level. Fat inside your body is often composed of three elements: hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Adding more oxygen to the mix might seem like it would just add more fat since it’s one of the ingredients already. In reality, the added oxygen will bond to hydrogen to create water and to carbon and the existing oxygen to create carbon dioxide. Of course, water and carbon dioxide can be safely expelled from the body leaving behind trim and lean muscle in the place of fat.

Clearly, oxygen therapy has numerous benefits for individuals who want to achieve more with their fitness regimens. Again, adding more oxygen won’t make a dent in your fitness and weight loss goals if you don’t continue to exercise and eat right. But, it can produce positive benefits and expedite the achievement of your fitness goals.