Why Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is Becoming PopularGetting the most out of your workout session is certainly difficult to accomplish. Sometimes you may feel as if you hit a wall and are making no progress. If this is the case, you may become discouraged with your exercise regimen. One solution to that problem is oxygen therapy. This is a new trend in the fitness world in which exercise enthusiasts supplement their workouts with added oxygen. Of course, we all have oxygen in our bodies and it is an element that is necessary for our survival. But, adding purer oxygen to the mix can have you breathing clearer and making enormous strides in your fitness routine.

How to Employ Oxygen Therapy?

There are a few ways to use oxygen therapy, but the most common is with the use of oxygen concentrators (or generators). As the name suggests, these devices help take oxygen from the air and produce a more concentrated amount of it for you to breathe. In most cases, you will put a mask on your face that is connected to the concentrator. When you breathe, you will be inhaling oxygen that is up to 95% pure.

Another option at your disposal is oxygen (or oxygenated) water. This special type of water is infused with dissolved bits of oxygen that can have the same effects as breathing oxygen directly into the lungs. The theory is that the added oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing you to hydrate yourself and provide energy in the same gulp.

What Does Oxygen Therapy Do?

Oxygen therapy is, again, designed to increase the energy supplies in your body. Oxygen in the bloodstream is directly related to energy. More oxygen improves your breathing, increases energy, and boosts your mental focus. If you feel as though your workouts are not producing any positive effects, then oxygen therapy may be just the thing for you. It is also capable of helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Oxygen reacts with fat molecules in the body and transforms them either into carbon dioxide or into water. It is a great way to almost literally “burn away” the fat.

History of Oxygen Therapy

In its current state, oxygen therapy is frequently used for patients who suffer from lung and respiratory illnesses like COPD. These diseases prohibit large amounts of oxygen from entering the bloodstream and providing the energy that these patients need to survive.

The real origin of oxygen therapy for able-bodied individuals, however, goes back to the 1950’s. During the Korean War, American paratroopers needed to be in the best physical condition to be able to jump out of airplanes and engage in combat when on the ground. The Army would train their soldiers on stationary bikes. The soldiers would wear oxygen masks and were surprised by how much further they could push themselves during this exercise regimen.

Obviously, these paratroopers were already in excellent shape, but the supplemental oxygen allowed them to reach plateaus that they did not think were possible. If someone who is already in peak physical condition could benefit from oxygen therapy, just imagine how effective it could be for the rest of us.

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